Black Button Distilling

We’re proudly based in Rochester, NY and the first grain-to-glass craft distillery to open since prohibition. While you can find us downtown instead of on the sprawling wheat and corn fields our beautiful state has to offer, we have the deepest respect for the land where our products come from. Founded in 2012 by Jason Barrett, Black Button Distilling is a New York State licensed Farm Distillery and we use over 90% New York State all-natural ingredients to make all our spirits.

From a young age, Jason Barrett worked alongside his grandfather in his family’s button factory. It was there hard work, dedication and a commitment to quality were taught as the principles of any good producer. These core values would later become the foundation of Black Button Distilling. We work exclusively with farmers who take great pride in what they harvest and we never cut corners in the pursuit of making exceptional spirits.

This path has led Black Button Distilling to win multiple awards from industry leaders, tasting experts and consumers. But the best critic is you. See for yourself and sip to a day well done.

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