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This is certainly exciting for the growing population of craft distilleries in the USA. There is a market for this product, and it is growing substantially. When you talk to craft distilleries around the country, you will mostly hear that true craft is “grain to glass”. However, the American Craft Spirits Association identifies a craft distillery to be an independently owned and operated distillery that produces less than 750,000 gallons of spirit a year, and does so with ingenuity and transparency on ingredients, distillation and bottling processes. That being said, it is still something many craft distilleries are EXTREMELY proud of when they share they are ‘grain to glass.’ Rightfully so! It takes a long time to age whiskey and have your investment sitting in barrels.

Craft means a lot of things to a lot of people.
To some it means small batch. To some it means hand filled and bottled. To some, it means knowing they got bottle #87 of 200 total. To some, it means locally sourced, unique, organic, carefully created, or family owned. All these elements are part of being craft.

The ‘hype’ is understandable. We’ve tasted some of the most unique and deliciously smooth spirits since traveling the USA, visiting craft distilleries and events featuring local brands.

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