Congratulations! You’re now a member of the Shots Box Whiskey Club!

As a Shots Box member, you are entitled to all the benefits we have to offer. Immerse yourself in the world of craft spirits and begin your journey.

From virtual tastings to member events, we have something for you. Read about all your club benefits below and checkout your dashboard.

NOTE: Billing renews every 60 Days from date of subscription. Your First Box will ship immediately.

1. Try Before You Buy

As a member, you won’t have to spend money on spirits you don’t enjoy. Your liquor cabinet will be filled with unique and craft spirits from all over the US. Our team of experts CURATES every sample you taste and stands by the quality of spirit. Our Whiskey boxes have everything you need for a personal tasting or a tasting with friends and family. Each box contains 10 sample whiskeys that are shipped to you bi-monthly. This is MORE samples than any club out there for the price.

As a Shots Box member, you will receive special boxes only availably to members.

This is perfect for those that love whiskey and want to give the experience of whiskey to loved ones. Now, you will only get the selection of bourbons and whiskies without dealing with the vodkas and gins.

A new Whiskey Shots Box will be sent with you with a whole new set of special spirits bi-monthly. With your membership, you’ll have plenty of whiskeys to taste from to discover your new favorite whiskey.

Every box comes with your very own tasting journal and pencil to have a fun tasting night and learn how to describe whiskey.


2. Review and Share

We’re highly selective with what we send you and we like to make sure that you’re only getting quality. You can now REVIEW & SHARE the spirits that you LOVE in your boxes to win reward points! The more you share, comment or invite friends to join you on your whiskey tasting journey, the more points you can win to redeem for great prizes!



This screen can be accessed by clicking on “My Account.” This dashboard will let you see everything from your previous orders, to the subscriptions you are currently part of.


3. Free Shipping

As a member you will receive FREE shipping coupon sent once a month! If there are any spirits that you enjoyed trying, we will send you a coupon for FREE shipping so you can get the spirits delivered faster.


4. Member Only Coupons

Can’t get enough of the full sized whiskey bottles? For members, we will have special coupons and offerings on the whiskeys available in the shop. These are restricted to only subscribed members for the duration of the membership.

We will notify you about these specialized coupons whenever we have any new and unique whiskeys available in the shop!


5. Early Access To Spirits

One of the best perks for being a member is early access to spirit. Often times we have spirits that are highly sought after and not available in MOST retailers. For an example of such a cool and extremely unique spirit, checkout Meateater (Now Sold Out).

As a member you will receive an email when an Item is available for purchase and just added to the shop BEFORE we announce it to our regular newsletter subscribers!


6. Facebook Groups

We love interacting with our fans, which is why we created this Facebook group! In this group we encourage members to discuss their favorite whiskeys and to share their knowledge about the spirit!

To access the Whiskey Club Facebook group click here. Not on Facebook? Don’t worry, we will relay important information through email!



7. Virtual & In Person Tastings

Part of being a member is access to our virtual tastings of different spirits! We partner with different brands to bring the tasting experience to you. Some of these require access through the purchase of tickets. However, we are offering access to all these tastings for FREE!


8. Updates and News

The benefits you are receiving from all the coupons and member benefits will save you quite a bit of money! We will keep you updated on all awesome news happening at Shots Box. Keep coming back to us for the newest and latest offers. We’ll also send you email updates (without overwhelming you) of the most exciting things happening.

One last thing, we invite you to come hang and socialize with us on all our social media platforms and use #ShotsBoxClub to share all your memorable moments! You can interact with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for daily posts. If you have any questions about our offerings or in general, feel free to reach out to us at We want to make this the best whiskey club you are part of and help you on your journey to discover your new favorite whiskey that you can then recommend to friends and loved ones.

Also, if you’d like to checkout live unboxings, cool cocktail videos and other awesome videos make sure to checkout our YouTube Channel!

And with that, here’s to jumping into the world of craft spirits and to discovering your new favorite spirit!

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