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Cold Hammer Stills’ Reesestini

Reesestini Cocktail Recipe


Swirl Godiva Chocolate into a martini glass

3 oz. of Chilled Cold Hammer Stills’ Chocolate Peanut Butter Liqueur


“Yes, this Reese’s in a glass sounds like it isn’t for those that like something strong, but at 70 proof, it packs a punch, and has a pretty good burn to go along with the sweet flavor.” 


Steve, NY

“I couldn’t believe that the Chocolate Peanut Butter Liqueur, while being 70 proof, could be so sweet and smooth!” 


Amanda, TX

“The Reesestini is my FAVORITE dessert martini ever!! Oh so sweet and chocolaty, this is one of the best dessert cocktails I’ve ever had.” 


Dorothy, TX

Cold Hammer Stills’ Chocolate Peanut Butter Liqueur


We believe the drink you choose, tells the world exactly who you are and the content of your character. We craft our flavors based on the enjoyment of life, not from some corporate image of what we should do. Our history is not like the history you’ve known all your life. Cold Hammer Stills goes down as smoothly as it pours with a little venom from the night. We were born from a road that shines in the old moon light, with a taste made for the day and that day is tonight. Distilled & Bottled by craft distillery Alamo Distilling Co., in San Antonio Texas.

Spirit Description

Sinfully decadent chocolate blended with savory peanut butter. What an amazing combination!


Price: $21.99



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