Risk Takers. Barrel Breakers.

Broken Barrel Whiskey is distilled and sourced from the historic Owensboro Distilling Co. Eighth-Generation Master Distiller Jacob Call distills each barrel using 100% Kentucky corn sourced from local farmers. The bourbon and rye whiskey is distilled using a 54-inch Vendome™ copper column at the top of a beer still, along with copper condensers and a copper doubler.

Owensboro Distilling Co. has been through a distillery fire, Prohibition, multiple owners, abandonment, and a long period of dormancy before its revival in 2014. After two years of restoration and renovation, the distillery began filling barrels in 2016. Broken Barrel believed the story and history of this distillery and has been growing alongside the distillery starting with just 9-month-old whiskey when the first bourbon was launched in 2017.

Today, Broken Barrel Whiskey’s core products feature aged Kentucky Straight whiskey, denoting a minimum of two years in the barrel before even being tasted and selected for the next batch.

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