Team Members

Learn more about the incredible people on the Shots Box team.

JC Stock, Founder

For as long as he can remember, JC Stock has been running a business. At the age of seven he worked at delivering newspapers, and at age nine he worked at mowing lawns. In 2006, he began his first national service company, and within five years had grown his business from a single employee to 10.  Today, JC owns and operates five companies which consist of over 30 employees and four locations from coast to coast.

Driven by success, a desire for growth, and the luxury of simplicity, he has been able to break the mold. When he isn’t working, he is playing. As a home brewer, he knows the pride and satisfaction an artisan gets when someone tries and enjoys one of his carefully crafted brews.

Casper Rankin, Founder

Casper Rankin is a co-founder of Shots Box, which brings the best craft distilleries and consumers together. A lawyer by day and a craft distiller by night. 

Kendra Mack, Director of Sales & Marketing

Kendra spent the last long 8 years in a 9-5 commercial male-dominated real estate sales industry, of which she did not see her efforts being credited and ideas being taken seriously. She came to Shots Box with lists upon lists of fresh ideas. Her organizational skills blended with her bright personality, accompanied by her badass haircut and attitude, make her a powerhouse of gender equality, no bullshit, collaborative, and fully faceted contender in marketing and sales. Kendra has spent years brewing Kombucha in her kitchen and experimenting with flavors, and fruits.

It wasn’t until the past year or two when she was exposed to the many splendid tastes of liquors crafted with unique flavors that were highlighted in each zone on her palate. She is mom to one dreamboat of a five year old son and three fur baby girls who she spends most of her time with outside in the Wasatch & Uinta Mountains exploring, camping and paddling. She also can sing/rap Macklemore, Drake and Childish Gambino on Queue.

Favorite Drink: Whiskey on the Rocks with a twist of Lemon.

Bri Osthed, Operations Executive

From a young age, Bri has been recognized for her exquisite leadership and management skills. She began her career in 2016 with a data-entry position in one of JC Stock’s other companies. Within two weeks, she was promoted to department head, and by the end of her first year was managing two departments. She is currently traveling as an executive, training peers, and managing and overseeing various projects.

She is always the first person to open the office in the morning and the last person turning off the lights at the end of the day.  As the Operations Executive for Shots Box, she oversees the creation, growth and general operations to insure client satisfaction and customer service, despite being the only team member who doesn’t partake of the liquid spirits.

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