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Wright & Brown Bottled in Bond American Single Malt Whiskey 750ml

Mash Bill

100% Malted Barley

Flavor Description

Nose – Pine, eucalyptus, warm earth, dried apple 

Palate – Caramel, ginger, brazil nuts

Finish – Long, dark finish with notes of chocolate, mint, and a touch of smoke.

Bottling Details

Bottled at 50% ABV

Non-chill filtered

No Colors Added


Malts – Non-GMO from California, Washington State and Ireland

Woods – #3 Charred 53G American Oak


Enjoy neat or with a small amount of water to express the aromatics.

Wright & Brown Cask Strength Rye Whiskey 750 ml


The Cask Strength Rye was awarded a Gold Medal by the American Distilling Institute in the 2019 National Judging of Craft Spirits.

Before 2019, no California Rye had ever received this honor.

Mash Bill

70% Rye

30% Unmalted Barley

Flavor Description

Nose – cinnamon, dates and pepper 

Palate – rich and round with flavors of spicy candied ginger, cloves, dark cherry and sage.

Finish – Notes of apricot and vanilla with a full long finish. 

Bottling Details

Bottled at 56.1% ABV

Non-chill filtered

No Colors Added


Grains – Humboldt County, Sacramento Valley

Malts – Non-GMO from California, Germany and Ireland

Woods – #3 Charred 53G and 30G American Oak from Seguin Moreau in Napa, CA , 53G from Independent Stave Company


Enjoy Straight or On a king cube.

Also makes a killer Old Fashioned with Arabic Gomme Syrup.


Wright & Brown White Rum 750 ml

At Wright & Brown Distilling Co. we return to traditional methods to create exciting new California spirits that will stand the test of time. At the heart of our process is a classical American made artisan copper pot still which we use to handcraft each small batch. We seek out the most high-quality and flavorful non-GMO malted grains, molasses and wine.  We work with locally grown, sustain-ably farmed, organic grains whenever possible. We carry out every step of the spirits making process in house, from milling the grain to mashing, fermenting, distilling, barrel-aging and bottling.


Wright & Brown Rye Whiskey 750 ml

Malted rye and barley hand selected for flavor and character. Our current mash bill for future releases also includes locally grown, organic, un-malted rye. Aged to perfection in new charred American oak barrels. Non-chill filtered.


Wright & Brown Barrel Aged Rum 750 ml

Made from rich, flavorful and natural (non-GMO) Georgia blackstrap molasses. Long fermentation. Double distilled on our all copper pot still. Matured in a mix of new charred American oak barrels, used bourbon barrels and toasted oak barrels for two years. Non-chill filtered with no coloring or flavoring added.